Commodity trading covers the buying and selling of the commodity products like crude oil, gas, gold, platinum, silver and soft commodities like cocoa, coffee, sugar and more.


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Commodity trading is an old market, gold and other commodities have been used as means of exchange since the beginning of humanity. The first official form of an organized exchange is the Amsterdam commodity exchange in 1530. Nowadays, commodities are traded through online platforms, facilitating all the processes for traders around the world. There is a wide range of commodities you can choose to create your portfolio. And the good news is that they are considered safe havens, because they correlate negatively with other assets, like stocks or the US dollar for example.

Commodities are strongly connected with other areas of the economy. For example, the copper price is related to the performance of the construction industry and government restriction or facilities towards it. Gold usually keeps its value and tends to increase the price during times of uncertainty for other assets. This is why it is called a safe haven. There are other factors which influence commodity prices like weather, seasonality, natural disasters and other factors which are not related to financial markets.

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Commodities are divided in four major groups, but you are enabled to choose commodities from all the groups. For example, you can diversify your trading portfolio with such commodities: cocoa, corn, wheat, oil, gas, gold, silver. Among many factors, supply and demand are the major factors which influence their prices.

Commodities, as mentioned before, are dependent on supply, demand production levels, political, taxes, weather conditions. Gold representing precious metals is one of the biggest commodity assets. Gold stays still number one precious metal because of the value storage and numerous industrial uses. Gold is called ‘safe-haven’ since it is a good risk neutralizer. Gold is always found in the trading portfolio of traders who want to protect their capital against market price movements.

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