Digital Currencies

Digital currencies are a decentralized market, which means they are not issued by a central
authority like banks. However, digital currencies can be bought, sold and stored in ‘wallets’.


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People tend to give more trust to things they can touch, like money for example. They trust more printed money instead of a virtual version of money. Why? This happens because printed money is issued by a central bank like the US dollar is issued by the Federal Reserve. This way central banks are a higher authority which is able to control the supply of printed money. Digital form of money does not have a controller.

Digital money market moves closely related to supply and demand for the currencies. However, the fact that they are free keeps them away from the political and economical events which in other circumstances would affect their prices. There is a couple of uncertainties related to digital money, however the following factors influence the prices the most: supply, market capitalization, integration, crucial events.

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Digital Currencies

Digital coins have resulted as a great way to diversify your portfolio, because their prices are not related to the behaviour of other assets. It is mostly related to the government approach toward them. It is a 24/7 market, since it is decentralized, and the government cannot regulate and control it. Digital coins are more active compared to the fiat ones, have sharper shifts, which lead to massive profits opportunities. Trade in both directions and without the need of a wallet. Leverage is also applied.


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