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A wider view of Forex exchange is that if one country will establish trading relationships with another country, they need to make the payment in the local currency of the supplier. Large amounts of transfers are made between countries, and in the process of exchange, the rates fluctuate depending on the demand and the supply of the currency. The currency rates are shown in the Exchanges around the world and Global Solution provides you trading and making profits out of the rates differences.

Global Solution Webtrader platform brings a wide range of trading indicators, analytical tools, functions and advanced packages of interactive charts which suits and fulfill the needs of traders in different levels of strategies and trading knowledge.

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Every country has its own official currency, and its economy is based on it. For establishing any trading relationship between countries, it is needed to have a good currency relation, with positive correlation between the two currencies. When it is needed to convert a certain amount of a currency to another, Exchanges come into light and this is how anyone can get the currency they want. There are many geopolitical and economic reasons which influence the change in the currency pair prices.

Forex market, which is an abbreviation for foreign exchange, is the global market for fiat currency pairs trading. It is the most liquid market, with a $5 trillion volume transaction daily. The exchange rate between a currency pair is defined by many factors of both countries they represent. When you trade Forex pairs, you are speculating whether the price of the main currency will go up or down. So in the EUR/USD pair, if you think that EURO will rise against the US dollar, you should buy the pair, or go long as it is said differently. And vise versa if you think that the value of EUR will decrease against the US dollar.

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Global Solution Group provides a world-class trading platform that meets your trading expectations and suits your conditions, knowledge and capital available. Enjoy your trading journey, while you are settled with us.



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