Global Solution Webtrader

Global Solution Webtrader is a web-based version of the trading platform. This platform is an all-in-one trading platform. It is developed by a team of data analysts and software engineers in order to meet clients’ needs and to bring the latest technology on your table.


Why you should trade
with Global Solution Webtrader

We believe that the trading platform is able to boost or break the user experience, especially in the beginning of your journey. Global Solution Webtrader facilitates all the trading process due to the functions, tools, charts and updated system of prices. We do believe, and our clients are testimonials of this, that Webtrader provides a perfect trading environment, mainly for beginner traders, who find it difficult to adapt in the beginning. You are able to execute trades in real time, or by keeping them pending until the proper moment comes. The platform is web-based and mobile compatible also.

On top of advantages, Webtrader supports many languages which makes trading easily understandable. The platform will work for you and all the information needed to make your decisions is available through the updated data tables the platform provides for you. Webtrader has a strong ability to handle any complex trading strategy the trader would like to apply. The algorithm the platform is based on provides extra security and advanced services, indicators, technical tools.

Primary reasons to trade with Global Solution Webtrader:


Global Solution Webtrader

Webtrader pushes traders to be better, to learn more and execute more complex strategies. There are many tools which serve for risk reduction and allow the trader to protect their trades and capital. Set the pending orders, take profit and stop loss functions to prevent losing more than you can afford. View trading history, charts, manage the opened positions, close or edit individual positions with one click of the mouse.

Today’s market is moving very fast, bringing enormous opportunities and raising the risk at the same time. With financial markets you are putting your money to work, having a second source of money in your life. The Forex market daily trading volume exceeds $5 trillion, which speaks itself how powerful trading fiat currencies is. It is traded globally by millions of people, starting from $250 to millions of US dollars. There are other possibilities also like cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, commodities which are a perfect choice to create your trading portfolio with.

F A C T $

trading environment

Supreme trading conditions,
technology & standards
Countless trading opportunities,
in 5 different markets

Trade in Forex, Commodities, Shares, Indices, Digital Currencies from one trading account.

Top-notch customer service support,
24/5 and dedicated

Global Solution Webtrader
Access the platform
from the web

Global Solution Group provides a world-class trading platform that meets your trading expectations and suits your conditions, knowledge and capital available. Enjoy your trading journey, while you are settled with us.



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