Introducing Global Solution

Personalize your trading experience through our trading infrastructure. Simplify the
process by choosing your trading account, trading strategy, trading platform, tools and
indicators with Global Solution and start creating the wealth you are planning.

Who we are

Stick with Global Solution working ethic. We have produced enormous success stories during trading with our experts. All you need to do is to create an account in the first place, activate it and open trades. Manage trades through mobile trading apps and state-of-the-art trading tools available in both our trading platforms. We have the expertise, the insights, the technology, the customized advice and guidance to keep you in the right trading track. Your ambitions are a strong motivation for us.

Everything is explained with simple words. There is no trading jargon which you cannot get right. Despite the simple words, there are account managers and financial advisors who will assist you anytime you have questions related to the trading process. Choose the instruments you know the best. You will work better with the instruments you like and have more knowledge about. There is a smart move to include safe haven assets despite everything. The firm minimum is $250, and you can open your trades as low as $20 per trade. This minimum is considered by our risk management department to be a minimum suitable investment in order for the trader to see real profits in the short run.

Primary reasons to trade with us:

We believe in work

Our Mission

We are focused on our improvement process by updating our technology, techniques, trading methodologies and adapting them with clients needs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have highly qualitative trading services, supporting clients to make the most out of the market, and supporting our partners and employees to achieve the maximum of their potential.

Our Values

We support different opinions and ideas. We provide honest, ethical, open and transparent business making. When people work together, the results are better and clients always end up the happiest.

F A C T $

trading environment

Supreme trading conditions,
technology & standards

We are driven by the latest technology and trading techniques in the financial markets.

Countless trading opportunities,
in 5 different markets

Trade in Forex, Commodities, Shares, Indices, Digital Currencies from one trading account.

Top-notch customer service support,
24/5 and dedicated

Our dedicated customer service team is doing an excellent job, by assisting our customers with efficient solutions.


Global Solution Webtrader
Access the platform
from the web

Global Solution Group provides a world-class trading platform that meets your trading expectations and suits your conditions, knowledge and capital available. Enjoy your trading journey, while you are settled with us.



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